The Horse Excited To See His Best Friend Again After 4 Long Years!

Even animals miss their friends! ☺️❣️

Animals have feelings to more then most people know they show a lot of love glad they are together again!
More affirmation that horses have deep feelings…!

The horse goes crazy with joy and keeps losing control when it meets best friends after 4 years, which makes anyone’s heart melt.
3 racehorses named Arthur, William, and Harry are close friends since childhood. Their owner is a UK resident Sue Blagburn, who loves them with all her heart and is extremely proud of her 3 steeds. However, Blagburn’s tough times come and she can’t help but make the he.artbre.aking decision, which is to se.ll one of the 3 steeds and that’s Arthur.

That decision made Blagburn miss Arthur, whom she raised from a pony. The same thing happened with 2 of Arthur’s best friends, William and Harry. It was also the driving force behind Blagburn’s hard work for nearly five years. When her troubles were over, she immediately bought back her beloved Arthur.

The day that Arthur returns to his childhood home, Blagburn is truly moved and worried by Arthur’s reaction to his old playmates. They might have forgotten each other because they were still ponies when they were apart. Five years can make them alien.

The 3 horses proved Blagburn’s worries were pointless. As soon as Harry saw Arthur in the distance, they excitedly ran toward each other. William immediately followed and joined this touching reunion. They cuddled and snuggled together, even going crazy with joy and rolling around. Blagburn, who witnessed and returned to that touching reunion, was really surprised and deeply moved.

After 5 years, the trio restarts their friendship right where they left off. They will be happy to be together and Blagburn, who has watched her children have fun, will be happy too. The beautiful reunion of the three horses is proof that a true friendship never ends no matter how many years pass.

That is so beautiful to watch!

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