Hedgehog Enthusiast Stresses Rightful Care for Exotic Pets, Calls Them “Absolutely Worth It”!


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Adriana Robinson’s admiration for hedgehogs isn’t easily described. Their nocturnal habits, captivating tiny yawns, and distinctive spiky appearance have always fascinated her. She asserts, “Their unique charm makes me want to offer them the best life they deserve.”

Despite her fondness, Adriana hesitated to own one, prioritizing their welfare above all. Her introduction to hedgehog ownership was unplanned. A family member’s inability to care for their pet gave Adriana her first hedgehog, named Timmy, reminiscent of a childhood stuffed toy. However, Timmy, initially shy due to insufficient socialization, soon grew accustomed to Adriana and her partner, Jack.

Tragically, Timmy developed wobbly hedgehog syndrome, a terminal ailment. As his health deteriorated, Adriana provided round-the-clock care. By November 2021, they had to bid farewell to Timmy.

Not long after, Adriana and Jack found Rico, an adorable three-year-old hedgehog, in need of a new home due to his previous owner’s college commitments. With his bi-colored ears and gentle demeanor, Rico instantly won everyone over, including vets. However, a toe bump on Rico hinted at the onset of another sorrowful chapter – cancer. Although he showed promise post-treatment, Rico’s health declined suddenly, believed to be due to leukemia.

Amidst these challenges, another hedgehog, Remi, joined the household. This lively, sometimes cheeky fellow displayed a unique blend of affection and mischief, chewing on anything that smelled like food and indulging in playful antics.
Adriana cherishes the memories, likening her hedgehogs to her children, offering emotional solace with their gentle snuffles.

Being a responsible hedgehog parent, Adriana shares valuable insights:
Opt for recycled paper, fleece, or flannel for bedding; avoid cedar.
Use flat-sided shelters to prevent accidents.
Offer them a safe wheel for exercise.
Their diet primarily consists of insects but can be diversified with fruits, chicken, and more.
Expect occasional ‘stress’ pooping during grooming sessions.
Keep their habitat between 79-83 degrees using a heat lamp.
Regularly moisturize their skin with oatmeal, flaxseed oil, or coconut oil baths.

While they’re undeniably charming, hedgehogs demand commitment. Especially in cooler regions like Michigan, where Adriana and Jack live, ensuring a comfortable environment is challenging yet rewarding. Jack concludes, “The joy hedgehogs bring is unparalleled.”

In captivity, hedgehogs can thrive for up to ten years, subject to their environment and genetics. Though Timmy and Rico’s journeys were short-lived, with Adriana and Jack’s love, Remi’s future looks promising. If considering a hedgehog as a pet, prepare well, and you’ll be rewarded with a delightful companion.\


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