Rescue of Homeless Dog Dr.owning in Fl.ood with a He.artbr.oken!


So glad this dog is safe now…! 💖🐾🌟

This po.or girl struggled in the flood for awhile when her rescuer found her and took her to a vet. She also had a tu.mor which they were successful in it. She is now save in their care. ❤️

She was found dr.owning in a fl.ood. She had been there for almost an hour. She was so “” but she won’t be given up. She waited until a local rescue came up to help. Finally, she was taken to a vet clinic…

Watch the video below to see Rescue of Homeless Dog Dr.owning in Fl.ood with a He.artbro.ken:

So happy she will be fine… 🐕 Thanks to all whos time and energy is out there to help [po.or] dogs who can not help themselves… Make her better and safe 🐶💚💙❣️

ALL that help any animal in need are EARTH ANGELS… 🎀🎀🎀

God Bless Everyone who helped her out of the fl.ood, got her Medical Help, helped her Live and help him get a forever home! ❤🏡🎀🌟🙏🙏🙏
Good on you guys keep up the good work beautiful work…! 💚💙👏👏👏


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