Little Girl Sings You Are My Sunshine To Her Cat As He Pa.sses Away!


A girl who truly loves her pet till the end… 😥🤧❤

My heart br.eaks for her 💔❤🐾
A young girl named Abby sings You Are My Sunshine to say one final goodbye to her beloved 14-year-old cat Bailey in 2018.
The clip shows an equally heartwarming and he.artbre.aking moment when a young girl sings You Are My Sunshine to her cat who is pa.ssing away.

This loyal cat had been with the family for 14 years and had developed a close bond with Abby ever since she was a newborn.
The two loved to spend time together by reading and singing.

In the video, they’re both determined to make every minute count, and it seems like Bailey can understand each word that Abby sings perfectly. ❤

Tragically, the song captured on this video would be the last time Abby sang to Bailey before the furriest member of the family passed over that rainbow bridge.

That darling little girl! How brave she is. Facing such a trau.matic situation. The love she had for her precious furbaby was so strong, her parents must be so proud of their little Angel.

God Bless her, may the Spirit of her pussy cat remain with her always. 🙏🙏🙏
Love & Blessings Helen 😘🙏💝🌹


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