Loving Doberman Pinscher Mama Ruby adopted an a.ban.doned Kitten!


This is a story as heartwarming as it is adorable. 🤗❤️

Mama Ruby will even carry her new baby around in her mouth, protecting the kitten from her rambunctious siblings. 😭
Ruby’s own puppies hadn’t even opened their eyes yet when Ramblin’ Rose joined their family.

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and this Doberman pinscher mama proves that applies no matter the species. Just a week after birthing a litter of six puppies last month, Ruby accepted and nursed an a.ban.doned newborn kitten as though she was her own.

Brittany Callan, Ruby’s dog parent, breeds Dobermans with her family on its farm in rural Geneseo, N.Y. They have 14 Dobermans in total, six of those being Ruby’s new litter, which was born Aug. 18. But their little posse was about to get a little bigger.

This shows how loving and compassionate dogs can be to be looking after a kitten and puppies at the same time. Ruby has adopted the kitten and walks around with it in her mouth to protect it from the puppies.

What a wonderful mama Ruby is to all her babies no matter what they are!! ❤️🐾❤️

What a lucky kitten to have such a caring Mom! 💗🐶🐕🐈
Love doesn’t care about differences. Humans could learn so much from animals like Ruby.
Bless them all. 🙏🙏💙🐾

Watch the heart-melting moment here: ❤️


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