Dog Comforts An Orphaned, 9-day-old Foal After His Mother’s!


Animals can put people to shame by being more caring and loving then many people…!

Animal are so in tune to feelings.
And Dogs are such caring, compassionate animals. They have great protective instincts, and will often take an animal under their wing if they sense they need a helping hand.
That was the case for one rescue dog, who became a guardian and best friend to an orphaned foal.

Karla Swindle is the owner of S & K Quarter Horses in Fayette, Alabama. A few years ago, one of her horses, a 22-year-old mare named Sandy, had to be [eut.hanized] due to declining health.

The de.ath was especially he.artbre.aking for Sandy’s foal, Tye, who was left orphaned at only 9 days old. But an unexpected friend quickly took to comforting the orphaned baby horse: Karla’s dog, Zip. Sensing Tye’s he.artbre.ak, Karla says the dog stayed with the foal all night, comforting him with a sympathetic paw.

Zip quickly took on the role as the foal’s friend and guardian. Dogs are emotionally intelligent animals that seem to be able to sense when someone has passed away, and it definitely seemed like Zip understood the situation and reached a helping paw to this [] foal specifically.

Tye has since grown up to be a happy, healthy horse, no doubt thanks to Zip’s care and friendship in his early days.
Tye now spends most of his time with his fellow horses, and he’s had to “leave the nest” so to speak, getting more independent from his doggy dad.

While they don’t rely on each other anymore, we know these two will always be friends and have a special place in each other’s hearts.

What a blessings to the dog and foal for comforting each other. They do have feeling…!

God bless this po.or baby and the doggie helping him. Prayers🙏🙏🙏 

Animals are very compassionate toward other animals.
They can show such love and compassion ❤️❤️

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Image: Fb Karla Swindle


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