Zorro – The Father Cat Has A lookalike His Baby Kitten! (Video Inside)


Well you don’t need Maury to prove anything, that baby is definitely dad’s junior. 🥰😍

Zorro & his sweet kitty are adorable! ❤️ Very cute 🥰😻=😻🥰

Indragiri Wahyudin Noor, 50, from Banjarmasin, Indonesia, is the proud owner of the two unique-looking cats and loves to share their amazing look on social media.

Indraini said: Boy and Key, the mum of the kitten, gave birth to their kittens on 9 June. “Amazingly, Bandit was born with the same ‘face mask’ as his father.” 

Watch the kitty family in this cute video:

They are adorable cats 🐈❤️ They both look so cute!
Absolutely both are Gorgeous ♥️


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