Sperm whale sees diver and swims up to him with an open mouth so he can “re.mo.ve a st.uck” hook!


The diver even shared a hug with the whale afterward ❤

It’s amazing how intelligent these creatures are. So trusting to ask for help. So sweet. 🥰
A man was diving out at sea when something miraculous happened – A sperm whale asked him for help.
The fact that they know to swim to a human for help just shows they’re intelligent.

Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) are huge mammals that can grow up to 55 feet.
Though they’re huge, they’re also [vul.ner.able]. Scientists say these whales have the largest brains of any creature known to have lived. Perhaps that intelligence allowed this whale to ask for help from a diver.

Sperm whales’ heads also hold large quantities of a substance called spermaceti.
As massive as they are, these whales are gentle, and only feast on squid they find when they dive down to the depths of the ocean.

The diver is Hugues Vitry. He is a world-famous Maurician environmentalist and underwater photographer, he removed a small fish hook from the whale’s lower jaw.

Vitry is also the “Diving Centre Manager and Vice President of Marine Megafauna Conservation Organization”.
He once freed a whale that got [enta.ngled] in ropes. Vitry makes the effort to help and conserve marine life, saying one person can make a huge difference.

Experienced as he is, this was exceptional.

The whale swims close to Vitry, moving its huge body sideways before opening its jaw to show the diver that she needed help.
One small hook caused this huge whale [di.scomfort]. Imagine what huge objects could do.

As the whale swims beside Vitry, he trains his camera on her, narrating what was going on.
He says the hook was by the whale’s tooth so, with some force, he was able to remove it from the whale’s mouth.
The massive mammal remained calm the whole time.

Vitry himself was in awe when the whale seemed to linger for a bit after he attempted to reassure the creature that it was over.

The whale in return seemed to be thanking him! Whales are highly intelligent creatures.
Vitry even hugged the whale as he pressed his head against hers and whispered words of comfort.

What a unique & precious interaction & how incredibly special. 😊⚘🤗

So glad the diver helped this fellow animal of our planet
God bless him for taking care of one of God’s. Fantastic creatures!  🙏🙏🙏

This was beautiful to watch:



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