Super Mom spotted on a Minnesota Lake with 56 Ducklings in tow!


Wow she needs Mothers Day award 🦆🥰💕

What a great mom Dianna – Maybe she runs a 🦆 daycare. ❤️

Wildlife photographer Brent Cizek decided to visit north Minnesota lakes for some photos. He was hoping to capture some intimate scenes of animals in their natural habitat. But in the end, Brent had no idea how intimate he would get.

Cizek share: Well, it wasn’t the greatest idea as it was quite windy that day and the waves were [to.ssing] my boat around in any direction that it wanted to. I decided to carry on, knowing that it wasn’t likely that I would see anything, much less be able to take a photograph with the choppy water.

After a ride with his tiny boat on the lake, he then steer it at the shoreline. In the next moment he spotted what seemed to be a bevy. When he edged nearer he could see there was a mother duck and few ducklings. Only that the few turned into few dozen.

He said: As I got closer, the group decided to start swimming back out into the lake, and ‘Mama Merganser’ got out front and all of the chick got in tow.

The super duck mama was being followed by a staggering 56 ducklings: I found one image that was in focus and that I just loved, I knew that it would do good on social media, so I posted the photo right away. And it doesn’t took too long until his image went viral on social media.

However, at a closer look it turned out there were even more. I was able to then count 76 babies with her, so she had picked up more babies along the way. It’s been remarkable. It’s going to be a [sa.d] day when they continue their migration.

Most likely that wasn’t just a single brood, but a mixed family. But despite that, this duck is certainly the mom of the year!
She sure had her ducks in a row…! BUT She needs to learn how to say no to someone.

THAT is definite one SUPER-MOM to look out for and care for 56 little ones!! She should an the award for Mom of the Decade!

Enjoy the adorable moment below:

Amazing and so adorable. Lol! 🤗💋🥰 


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