Special Needs Cat with “S.ad Face” Shows World That Being Different Is Beautiful!


Sweet kitty 😺 your beautiful too. ♥️❤️🐈‍⬛🐾

All cats and dogs deserve a loving furever home! ❤🏡

The story of this “sa.d face cat” will make your move to tears!

Rare di.sease or not he needs to be loved also I think furbaby is precious and just sweet.
Anyone who sees Toby’s photo will find it amusing because he has an elongated muzzle. This gives the impression that he is crying, but he is not; it’s an i.l.lness he’s suffering from.

♥️💕♥️ being different isn’t a bad thing, it is a good thing. You was handsome and probably snuggly too. ♥️💕♥️

Toby suffers from a rare condition in which his body fails to produce enough collagen, causing his face to sag!
He once hid behind another cat in a shelter. They were later discovered and dragged out onto the street by rescuers. It’s difficult for them because they don’t know anyone and aren’t in the best of health. Adoption is extremely difficult for them, especially with a strange cat like Toby!

This cat looks mighty distinguished. ❤️

But, miraculously, he has attracted the attention of a cat-loving couple, who eventually decide to adopt both of them. Toby’s condition will necessitate a lot of attention, but they adore him and will go to any length to make him happy.

Still beautiful an gives a lovely cuddle ❤️🐾🐾

He’s well cared for, has good spa treatments, and he’s always bathed in his new parents’ love. He never thought to be adopted because of his strange appearance, but unexpectedly, it made people love him even more!

What a happy ending for ‘Sad Face Toby,’ it’s exactly what he deserved after all he’s been through!

The video where he keeps tapping her to keep petting him shows how much he appreciates and wants to give and receive love ❤️ 

What a little beauty so glad he has been adopted and is getting lots of love and cuddles ❤️❤️

The kitty is absolutely beautiful! ❤️

Hope every cat has the same luck as Toby…!


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