Shy Kitten With Hyd.rocephalus Approaches A Man With Dreams Of A Home!


So glad Arlo found a good home! ❤️🏡

So happy this Precious kitty found someone who will love & cherish him the rest of his life. Beautiful Arlo…Happy life baby. Sending 💋’s to you…!

Wandering cats always dream of a warm home. But that dream cannot come true for many unhappy cats. If a cat is [] or has health problems, he may not be adopted for the rest of his life.

Although life is difficult, many cats never give up their dream of finding a sweet home and owner. A kitten named Arlo has been given a chance at the Bridgend Cats Protection Adoption Center in South Wales, although he is less fortunate because of his [dis.abi.lity].

Kitten Arlo was born with physical problems. Hyd.rocephalus left his head [disf.igured] and he [] an eye. Despite his bad luck, Arlo has always been a cat who loves life, gives love to everyone, and never stops looking and hoping.

After the [di.sease] was discovered, the center staff did a general health check for Arlo. Fortunately, his health is perfectly fine. So the staff worked hard to find a suitable home for Arlo, where the new owner truly loved and sympathized with him.

Everything born in the world has something suitable for them. And Arlo is lucky to have found the right person for him. Davy thinks the cat was born for him because he is a social worker at a [di.sabled] children’s center. Davy sees desire and love in people with disabilities. That he also saw in the pure eyes of the one-year-old cat Arlo.

Davy decided to visit the kitten. Contrary to the central staff’s description of the shy Arlo, they were like love at first sight. Arlo the cat approached Davy immediately, even crawling into Davy’s arms and purring really comfortably.

The meeting ends with an offer and the kitten goes home to Davy as if nothing could separate them. After being adopted, Arlo became full of love and courageously embraced anyone he met. Finally, Arlo has fulfilled his dream.

Thank you so very much for saving and rescuing Arlo. And for taking such good care of him and for always loving caring and nurturing Arlo, and for always making sure that Arlo is ok everyday and for always making Arlo your forever family fur baby 😽😽💙💖🐾🐾🐈‍⬛

God bless all for helping this beautiful fur baby ❤️🙏🙏
And Pray Ario and Davy have a wonderful furever life together! ❤️🙏

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