Puppу with de.formed Fасe rej.eсted bу People hаs one Wish!


VERY HAPPY for him getting a loving forever home! ❤🏡

All God’s creation are worth loving. What a sweet pup 🥰💋
Best Wishes for this sweet fur baby to go to a forever loving home!!!

Arrow, a small dog, had a difficult and he.artbre.aking start in life, as evident from his pictures.
Anyone who saw him in his depressed state as a puppy would have thought he was destined for certain [de.at.h].

Arrow suffered a [tr.aum.atic agg.ression] from another dog, which left him in a [pi.tiful] condition when he arrived at the doorstep of animal rescue organization PMM Rescue Inc. as a baby.

His jaw was [te.rri.bly br.ok.en], likely from the [se.vere bi.te] he received from the other dog. And his lower right jaw was beyond repair as it was [nec.rot.ic] and [se.ve.rely in.fec.ted]. The only option left was to [re.mo.ve the de.ad] bone, which involved [cu.tti.ng] off part of the upper right side as well.

You’re beautiful! 💕💕

Dr. Sidhu of Bakersfield, California, performed Arrow’s delicate and lengthy surgery, refusing to leave until he had saved the puppy’s life and provided dedicated care.

Hope he lives a long and happy life.

Five months after the surgery, the puppy with a different face was the happiest he could imagine. Not only did he recover beautifully, but he also found true love with his new family.

He is a beautiful boy. He deserves all the love, snuggles, treats and affection in the world.

He is beautiful regardless how he looks 😍 ❤️

Thank you to the wonderful family that adopted him 💙🐾 he is so loved!
Sure he is a blessing. 🙏
Prayers and much love for this precious baby!🙏❤️🙏


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