Playful Elephant Ca.ught Climbing 5ft Wall To St.eal Mangoes!


They ca.ught him red-handed 😆😂 That’s so cute! ❤️

He is one of the nice ones who don’t walk through. He actually climbed and didn’t damage the wall. 😂

Elephants are known as highly intelligent creatures, yet the massive mammals are not too famous for their agility.
The tourists at the Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia have witnessed something incredible and so hilarious. An adult elephant has gently climbed over a 5ft wall to steal some mangoes from the safari lodge. Despite its fine moves, the giant’s visit hasn’t passed unnoticed.

The guests were very amused at the idea of a climbing elephant. They were in amazement that it would bother to climb over such a high wall. He was a stranger. He wanted to investigate. He wanted to get into the central area where this big mango tree grows.

His easiest way of getting there was to climb over this high wall. It’s really unusual behaviour for an elephant to climb so high.
He was using his intelligence in an interesting way ,he go what he wanted and got out again but wall climbing elephants that’s a new one…!

Why are they saying he is s.tea.ling?

Watch the lovely moment here:

H/t: Dailymail


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