Pigeon that can’t fly becomes Best Friends with adorable Chihuahua that can’t Walk!

This is so beautiful creatures from all over have the love to comfort each other ☺️💕💕

Think the world needs good stories and when you have two species that basically fall in love, it can only touch hearts.💞

A very unlikely, yet extremely heartwarming friendship between a pigeon and a chihuahua has taken people by surprise.
Herman is a rescue pigeon that [can’t fl.y] and Lundy is a 10-week-old chihuahua who [can’t wa.lk], and their special relationship won everyone’s hearts.

The two adorable creatures met at the Mia Foundation – a non-profit in Rochester, New York, which [reha.bilitates animals with birth de.fec.ts].
Herman is a resident at the rescue center for over a year. Back then, the little one was found in the car park, [unable to fly or move]. BUT that doesn’t stop the tiny creature to be such an adorable presence and the center, where he’d be a permanent resident.

Lundy was just 4-week-old when a breeder in South Carolina decided he’s [use.less], given his special needs, so the po.or little soul ended up in the shelter. Thankfully, he arrived at Sue’s foundation, and here he found all the love and comfort he needed. And more than that, a special friend.

And they have each other,so sweet.❤️

The pigeon wants to hatch the chihuahua – So sweet!
Dogs aren’t just mans best friend, they’re everything’s best friend. Animals have more compassion than lots of humans.💕

Mother nature has a way of letting other species get to know and love each other! Maybe y’all think they’re “best friends” bc neither of them can walk/fly away from the other one!

Different animal species can get along, why can’t humans? Humans are you listening?
We could learn a thing or two from them. Love and caring… 🤗💜

Check out the video below for more on this inspiring story of the companionship:


H/t: Majestic animals


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