Photographer Captures Hummingbird Wings Turning Into Rainbows!


The photographs are breathtaking 🌈😍

Nature’s enchantment never ceases to amaze us! Animals, plants, and landscapes are all incredible!
Christian Spencer is a gifted photographer who enjoys immersing himself in nature and capturing magical moments!

Spencer captured a once-in-a-lifetime moment in Rio de Janeiro when a Jacobin hummingbird flew across the sun with its wings open, creating a beautiful prism of light.
In this beautiful moment, the bird’s beautiful wings are rainbow-colored!

These breathtaking images were shot for the film Dance of Time, which won ten international awards in 2011. Spencer returned years later to finish more ‘rainbow hummingbirds.’ “I decided to use my camera to photograph the same phenomenon created by bird wings,” he explained. And the photo is so stunning that many people assume it was created with Photoshop, but Spencer insists there was no digital manipulation!

Everyone couldn’t stop admiring the beautiful ‘rainbow’ movements of the bird!

This incredible image is created by the diffraction of light through the wings of this particular hummingbird, which he refers to as “nature’s secret that we can’t see with the naked eye.”

Spencer is a talent photographer who captures fleeting moments that few people notice. Every day, he receives emails from people all over the world who are moved by these images!

Great photography to get that shot..Love hummingbird they are so amazing and fun to watch them..🌹

Take a look at these absolutely stunning photos. God’s meticulous handiwork!

Nature is absolutely amazing and miraculous ❤️


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