Pet Kitten dragged homeless Kitty into House and placed Her with his Mom!


The compassionate and heroic kitten’s valuable lesson!

What happened to the tiny kitten’s mother?
It is so fortunate that Ginger saw she needed help and took her to Snowball–and Snowball accepted her.❤
There’s always enough love to go around. For a full-body smile that’ll warm your heart and soul!

A woman’s cat named Snowball had a litter of kittens. Soon after they were born, the woman heard tiny cries outside her house. When she ran out to investigate, she saw a helpless newborn kitten on her own, [] to survive.
The kitten did not belong to Snowball. As the woman asked neighbors if the kitten belonged to anyone, one of Snowball’s kittens, Ginger, ran out of the gate.

Within moments, little Ginger placed the kitten in his mouth and dragged her into the house. He had to stop a few times due to the kitten’s weight.
Snowball sniffed the tiny kitten, unsure of where she came from. An anxious Ginger stood nearby, unwilling to move.

He had to be sure that Mom accepted his new friend. Ginger finally relaxed when Snowball pulled the kitten toward her and held her closely. When the baby started nursing, Ginger couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Animals are amazing. Just have to love them 💖

THE WISDOM of INNOCENT LOVE above everything else!!!!!!!! We humans have much to learn from these little ones!!!!!!!

Watch the heartwarming story in video below:



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