Mya, The Pomeranian-Husky Mix That Looks Just Like A Little Fox!


Wath a beautiful adorable girl 🤗❤

This dog is turning quite a few heads with her unique look…

I think all dogs are beautiful. So over this designer dog trend when so many dogs already need good homes.

Mya is a Pomsky, a mix between Pomeranian and husky, but looks more like a beautiful, firey fox.

It’s her coppery fur and piercing blue eyes that have given her that fox-like quality. She looks effortlessly elegant and her gaze is straight-up hypnotising.
Her pictures have unsurprisingly gone viral.

Beautiful features, color, everything! 🐶💕

How is that possible a Pomeranian and a husky the size difference doesn’t make sense!

Now does she laugh like a fox… 🦊

ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! ❤💗❤

Such a beautiful dog 🤗

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