Is She Too Old to Love Again? 12 year old Bull Terrier abandoned at shelter 🥺


Her cloudy eyes and worn-out paws tell a story of neglect and age 🥹

Rocky quietly sits with these homeless dogs, capturing their stories and unique personalities. Through the simplicity of his approach, he aims to shed light on the challenges they face and help them find loving homes. Experience the power of genuine connection and the transformative impact it can have on both humans and animals in this sincere exploration of companionship and second chances.

Rocky sits down with a a senior dog named Dawn that stood out from the rest. Found on a busy road Dawn’s cloudy eyes and worn-out paws tell a story of neglect and age. Despite her health issues, her gentle demeanor shines through.

Sitting With Dogs - Dawn

Upon closer inspection, Rocky notices Dawn’s various ailments, from red itchy paws and hives to masses. Brenda, a registered vet tech, was consulted to assess the dog’s condition. She confirmed that while some of Dawn’s issues were age-related, others were signs of neglect. Brenda emphasized the importance of gut health for breeds like Dawn and promised to procure medication to alleviate some of her symptoms.

Sitting With Dogs

The plight of senior dogs like Dawn is not uncommon. Many potential adopters gravitate towards puppies, leaving older dogs overlooked. Rocky, deeply moved by Dawn’s story, decides he has to do something. He doesn’t want to leave a senior dog with multiple health issues in a busy shelter.

Please consider the merits of adopting senior pets. While their time may be limited, the joy and love they bring are immeasurable. Rocky’s journey with Dawn serves as a poignant reminder of the difference one person can make in the life of an abandoned animal.

Sitting With Dogs

Thank you for being a good human. She’s just absolutely beautiful beautiful ❤️ praying this beautiful precious bby girl finds her forever loving family 💜🧡💚💛
God bless her…! 🙏❤️❤️


Sharing and praying continually for the best for her 🙏🙏

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