Whеn I saw hеr – I could only quiеtly Approach hеr and Carry hеr to thе Car with tеars in my Eyеs!


Hope she is rewarded & im sure she will be 🐕🙌👏❤️

So happy this little Baby was helped by a Woman with a wonderful kind Heart! This lady obviously has great Karma!

This girl may have had erlichia because she was [pa.ral.yzed] and unable to move her hind legs. Eva asked for help repeatedly, but nobody was willing to help.
The next day, I’d take Eva to the veterinarian so she could have all of her [b.lo.od] tests, so I just quietly approached her, carried her to the car, and drove home.

Eva was feeling good and eating well. That day, we had an appointment to check on her with a specialist. She was found to be free of erlichia and HW after the doctor ran a thorough [b.lood] test. How could she not move her legs when she was merely [a.nemic]?

The doctor had some bad news to share. The day before, we had taken Eva for X-rays, and the technician found two [d.ama.ged ve.rteb.rae] that were causing her significant [p.a.in and p.aral.ysis] in both legs.

The orthopedic surgeon would then decide whether surgery was an effective option for her, according to the vet, who claimed that the [i.nju.ry] was brought on by a [co.llis.ion] with a person or vehicle.

A large amount of [pa.in m.edica.tion] was given to Eva in an effort to improve her mood. Eva was recovering successfully and was doing well.
Eva knew she had a long road to recovery ahead of her, so she always gave it her all. She received daily massages, three days of electric stimulation, and daily water therapy.

In a very short amount of time, Eva has done a fantastic job with her therapy and rehabilitation. Her back legs were growing more powerful and adaptable. She was able to straighten and hold her front legs in an upright position because they were no longer rigid.

She hurried and leaped, savoring those peaceful moments because she had never previously seen the water.
She has at last located the household and family that she deserves. She obtained Canadian citizenship, received respect, and had unrestricted freedom.

Thank you so much for saving her, it just show how concern and overwhelming your love is.
I still can’t fathom how this is allowed to happen to our precious animals.

God Bless those who care ❤️🙏 Bless You for saving her life 💖🙏🙏


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