Feral Cat Wanted To Live With Humans, So She Invited Herself Into Their Family And Refused To Leave!


Animals do have a tendency to choose their owner/hooomans. 🐾

This is a very smart cat and she knows what she wants! It is a wonderful feeling to be taken in by someone and then loved ❤️ and cared for!

According to the cat’s owner, a Tumblr account called Tchaikovsgay, the cat simply invited herself in and never, ever left. The mom welcomed the feral cat into her home and named her Ghost. She loves the cat so much and often shares her photos on Tumblr.

The owner shared on Tumblr: Can y’all believe my cat domesticated herself? How wild is that. She was born in a feral cat colony…. I want to be pampered, invited herself inside and never left. Now she gets chicken stuck to help her lips and screams till I give her belly scratchies.

It seems like the cat never regretted her decision. Now she becomes a house cat and has a happy life with her mom. Not only is she fed and cared for, but she is also spoiled and loved by her family!

So glad that she invited the cat in and gave it a home! ❤🏡😘

Adorable cat 🙀 who knew where she wanted to live and wasn’t going to leave ❤️❤️❤️

Stray cats are socialized to people and can be adopted into homes, but FERAL cats are not socialized to people and are happy living outdoors.

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