Elephant Learned How To Avoid Barbed Wire And Even El.ectric Sh.ocks!


Elephants are wonderful caring animals. 🐘🐘

They are highly intelligent animals, they are frequently used as circus performers, and this elephant has proven that all human efforts to keep it from [ste.al.ing] food were futile!

Nellie the elephant deftly crossed a farmer’s ba.rbed wire fence in Africa. Instead of cr.ushing everything unconsciously, it elegantly lifted its right front foot over the rope, being careful not to touch it, then its left foot before repeating the process with the back foot.

Nellie is not a va.ndal, but a moral and principled elephant!


Nellie’s goal is simply to hunt for food; he does not want to be held responsible for any da.mage. It is extremely intelligent, it will be concerned about becoming ta.ng.led or ele.ctr.ocuted by an annoying fence.


Nellie is not the only elephant in Africa who has to avoid obstacles. A second elephant is also seen deftly dodging an electric fence in Mpumalanga, close to Kruger National Park.

This colossal th.ief bravely stepped over the fence to retrieve a branch from a beloved marula fruit tree in a house’s back garden. It then walked away in the same manner.


Elephant brains have been closely studied by scientists, particularly in the face of da.nger. Elephants’ ability to remember allows them to avoid not only fences but also droughts.

This means they know where to find food and water, giving them a better chance of survival if climate change thre.atens their natural habitat.


Unfortunately, not all elephants adapt easily to artificial surroundings and can have [tra.gic ac.cid.ents] while roaming. In recent years, dozens of elephants have been k.i.ll.ed in acc.ide.nts involving trains running through national parks and forests. Activists have called for trains to slow down in such areas.


What a pity for such an intelligent and lovable creature; hopefully, our efforts to protect the environment will pay off and these creatures will survive more easily.

They’re brilliant… but neither should they have to overcome these obstacles 🙏❤️🐘❤️


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