Dog Sits With Lonely Customers In The Coffee And Keeps Them Company Every Day!

There just seems to be no end to the wondrous beautiful things dogs do…

That’s so sweet, there should be more places like this… That’s a coffee shop I’d have to visit a few times a week 😊🐶

On a [se.vere st.ormy] day, Argentinian coffee shop chain owner Camila Gallando saw a cold, hungry stray dog sheltering under the awning of her cafe. With a special hunch, she took the dog into the cafe and decided to stay there for a while because she liked this cute dog.

The cafe is called Dickens, after welcoming Corchito – the cute dog that Camila took care of and named, the shop seemed to have a great fortune.

Corchito very quickly adapted to life and work at the cafe. That’s right, Corchito holds an extremely important job – confiding and making friends with customers who visit the shop. Whenever a customer came to the bar, Corchito did not hesitate to come and sit next to him if the customer was alone – which is relatively common at Dickens’s. And the great thing is that Corchito did not come to beg or caress, but simply sat next to and focused on the guest’s story.

Visitors to the bar were all surprised at Corchito’s delicate actions, and at first, many people misunderstood him because of his tough appearance. But any misunderstandings were quickly resolved. Everyone loves Corchito, they are all happier to experience his love. Corchito is understanding and also seems to be able to talk to placate lonely guests.

This is such a wonderful story! What a very special dog he’s an angel 🐾🐾♥️❤️

Corchito also loves everyone, but he is especially interested in the elderly and those in need. There was a young woman who had just lost her husband not long ago, and they used to go to the bar often. Now, only the woman comes and every time she comes, she sits and talks with Corchito for a long time, Corchito seems to have a special sense that can see and ease the pain of others. What a strong and delicate dog like a gentleman!

Not only cares about the customers who come to the shop but Corchito also cares about the dogs adopted by the owner Camila. The great action and appearance of Corchito, obviously made everyone love Dickens and come to drink coffee more and more.

I will always have coffee everyday just to sit with this pooch awesome and have all the treats.
A fantastic idea. Sometimes I prefer animals than humans. They don’t judge you and unconditional love. ❤️

Bless them all. 🐶🙏🙏


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