Depressed Dog Stares At The Wall All Day Because Of The Can.cell.ation Of Adoption !


He went to a rescue where they would find him a forever home. ❤️🏡

Rescue dogs are the most loyal…!
Have you ever seen a dep.res.sed dog?
Research and practice show that animals can suffer from [dep.ress.ion], too. A story about a dog named March might surprise you.

March is a Pitbull in downtown Philadelphia. The staff at the shelter saved March from [st.arving] to de.ath on the streets. March is a calm and loving dog and everyone believes that he will soon find a loving family.

However, everything that follows is a nightmare for March, he is adopted by a family and then returned to the shelter because he did not satisfy them. Since returning to the shelter, March has looked like a depressed person.

Days later, employees there every day found March crouched in staring at the wall. March refuses to contact anyone. His eyes expressed [de.sp.air] and his soul was like that of a [] man.

Things got [wo.rse] when a local reporter – Mr. Dawn Timmeney knew the story and spread the story to everyone. March’s life is bothered by the attention of people in the neighborhood.

The [wo.rst] thing that happened to March was that within 3 days, the negative effects of Dawn’s article caused his [de.ath] list to be scheduled. March needs to get out of this shelter, or else he will have to end his [tr.agic] life here.

Fortunately, a rescue organization spoke up and rescued March from this [te.rri.ble] shelter. For March and residents who love animals, this is a big victory.

The organization that rescued March is an animal welfare organization, they will protect and nurture March until he finds a loving family.

The power of the media…Communication can save a life, but it can also indirectly lead to the [de.ath] of a life. March is just a lucky case compared to the millions of other dogs that are sent home to [de.ath] each year.

Hope he finds a good, loving home that he deserves.

Wish and pray that he will get a new home and a family who will make him happy 💟💟💟
People should be patient when rehoming a dog!!!

Watch the video bellow:


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