Cuddly Otter Hugs Her Kitten Best Friend Each Night Before Bed!


They are precious little buddies! ❤️💕❤️

How sweet that these two can keep each other warm! 🙏💜❤

Sakura is an adorable little otter who loves her best friend Mochi.
Mochi is ginger tabby with beautiful, soft fur, and Sakura thinks snuggling up to Mochi is the best way to enjoy a nap.

In a now-viral video bellow, Sakura is seen wrapping her little arms around Mochi and burying her little face in the cat’s soft fur.

Apparently, Sakura can’t fall asleep unless she gets to give Mochi some hugs before bedtime. People can barely handle the cuteness.

A sleepy otter cuddling a kitty, it really doesn’t get much cuter than that.

So cute and adorable and precious 💕

So Very Sweet and Loving and Precious Babies ❤❤

They have the cutest little faces!

Two precious baby’s sleeping together keeping each other company.😍😇😍

Unusual friends❤️❤️ they look so sweet together!

Some animals are so awesome & loving without any bias!

Wish we could all get along like the animals do…!


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