Canadian Service Dogs Watch A Live Musical As Part Of Their Training, And Their Reactions Are Too Cute!


Everything was going so well until they got to the squirrel scenes. ☺️

The dogs sit very obediently, and they seem to be enjoying the movie!

K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs, a full-service training facility based in Ontario, Canada, trains these exceptional dogs. They are trained to assist those in need as service dogs. They must also be able to save their owners’ lives if necessary.
These dogs are taught how to assist their future owners!

The program’s initial stages include repeated obedience and socialization training. Then it moves on to the final stage, where the dogs must demonstrate their obedience. The dogs did an outstanding job of training!

The dogs have a positive and outgoing attitude, they are confident and friendly with people, children, and other animals when they leave the training facility!

This photo was taken while these adorable service dogs were on a special mission to see the Billy Elliot Musical at the Stratford Festival. This exercise seems to prepare service dogs to go anywhere with their handlers. Inside the 1,800-seat theater, dogs sat quietly alongside other audience members for the duration of the performance.

As part of a two-year program, the K-9 Country Inn’s future service dogs must learn to sit still and remain quiet, a difficult task for these curious dogs. – Their job is to sit at their manager’s feet, but some dogs can’t help but peek, they’re so cute!

The great dogs, on the other hand, did an excellent job and most likely made it through the show on their best behavior!

There are numerous suggestions for giving these adorable puppies popcorn to eat while watching the movie!
They are extremely well-behaved and should be rewarded for it!

They do look well behaved, better than most kids! ☺️

I wonder if they were given some popcorn so eat during the movie? 😂


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