Breaking This Senior Bull Terrier Out Of The Shelter!


This dog discarded by a family she had loved unconditionally simply because she had grown old 🥺😔

In a world where loyalty is rare, dogs stand out with their unwavering devotion and love towards their human companions. But what happens when these furry friends, who have given their all, are deemed too old and “gross” to be part of a family? This is a story of Dawn, a senior dog who was abandoned when she needed love the most, and a community that stepped up to ensure her golden years were filled with care, comfort, and plenty of puppy cappuccinos.

Dawn’s story began in a shelter, discarded by a family she had loved unconditionally simply because she had grown old. Dawn’s cloudy eyes and worn-out paws tell a story of neglect and age. Despite her health issues, her gentle demeanor shines through.

A busy shelter is no place for a senior dog with health issues and there was concern that her time there would unfortunately be short. But her tale took a turn when Rocky Kanaka got involved and was determined that her final chapters would be written with kindness and love.

Dawn’s journey from the shelter to a hopeful future was not a straightforward one. When Rocky first met with this senior Bull Terrier in her kennel it was heart-wrenching, witnessing her neglected state, her itchy skin, and her inflamed paws. Yet, amidst the visible signs of neglect, her spirit remained unbroken. When Rocky called Frosted Faces Foundation, a haven for senior dogs, to plead Dawn’s case, he was turned down because they were full. But then, a space opened up, which literally saved Dawn’s life.

The rescue mission was a testament to the power of community. From the moment Dawn was pulled from the shelter, to her first bath in who knows how long, and her initial steps into a new, hopeful life, every individual she encountered played a pivotal role in her journey.

The joy in her eyes post-rescue, her first taste of a puppuccino, and her playful interactions with her new avocado toast squeaky toy, were all moments that stitched together a new narrative for Dawn, one where she was loved, valued and cared for.

Dawn’s next chapter unfolded at the Frosted Faces Foundation, a sanctuary for senior dogs like her. Here, dogs who have been abandoned in their twilight years find a new lease on life. The foundation not only provides them with the medical care they need but also showers them with love, ensuring their final years are their best ones yet. Dawn, with her newfound family, stepped into a world where she was no longer an inconvenience but a cherished member of a loving community.

The Frosted Faces Foundation, run by Kelly and Andy, is more than just a shelter. It’s a promise to senior dogs that they will be cared for, loved, and respected in their final years. The foundation, which relies heavily on donations and volunteers, ensures that every dog, like Dawn, who enters their doors, is given a chance at a happy, healthy life, regardless of their age or medical condition.

Dawn’s journey from neglect to love is a beacon of hope and a testament to the kindness that exists in the world. But there are many more Dawns out there, waiting for their chance at a better life. The call to action is simple: donate, volunteer, and spread the word. Every little bit helps in ensuring that senior dogs are given the love, respect, and care they deserve in their twilight years.

Aging is a part of life. Second chances should be too. Blessings to Frosted Faces for all they do for our precious senior “pups”. Prayers that Dawn & all the dogs in their sanctuary will find that special person/family that will welcome them into their home. 🙏🙏 ❤🐾🐾

The outcome couldn’t have been better!


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