Bl.ind Raccoon Brings Two St.ray Kittens To Human Friend And Saves Their Lives!


Hope they look after the raccoon too he needs love and care as well as the kittens…!

This bl.ind raccoon is truly a special animal!

He lead the kittens to a safe haven spot to where the kittens can eat! This is amazing! The raccoon may cannot see but he has a sense of a kind heart ❤️! Never underestimate something or someone with a di.sab.ility ! You will be surprised on what gift they have!

So much we can learn from animals 💕💕💕

An unlikely friendship formed between two different creatures, a partially bl.ind raccoon and a pair of kittens. Since 2009, the raccoon has kept coming to Eryn’s backyard for food. He usually came during breakfast time, around 6 to 9 am, but here were times when he would come back later in the day to get more food.

So amazing…The racoon knew where they could get food and love… ❤️

In October 2014, when the raccoon came for his daily food source, two black kittens also showed up at Eryn’s backyard. It turned out they were two stray kittens who were in need of food, too, and probably would have [st.arved] if the raccoon didn’t guide them to Eryn’s backyard.

Good Raccoon 🦝 good kitties ❤️💕

The trio would always come together every day to fill their stomachs at Eryn’s yard and then go back to the forest. However, in June 2015, the raccoon [di.ed].
Eryn decided to adopt the sa.d kittens. She fed, tamed, and fixed them. It turned out to be a good decision since Eryn [] both her Mother and 15-year-old cat in a span of less than 2 weeks and The kittens helped her cope with [sa.dn.ess].

It is animals that truly exhibit the behavior that shows the truth abundant in the web of living beings. We are One. 🙏🥰

Animals are truly amazing…! Of humans could only think like animals sometimes this would be a lot better world. 🙏🥰
“Some Animals have more sense and Compassion than some Humans I know of.”


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