Adorable Baby Elephant Makes Her Own Sprinkler Out Of A Br.oken Water Pipe!


This baby elephant is having a wonderful ball in her own home!

This bad thing can sometimes turn out to be fun for others, especially children, who have the magical ability to find joy in the wo.rst of circ.umsta.nces!

Elephant Nature Park was founded in the 1990s in Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand, to rescue and rehabilitate elephants and provide land for their healthy herds of elephants to enjoy the natural landscape. There are many other animals besides elephants here.

The park’s water pipe that day, and while the park staff tried to repair it, Wan Mai decided to take advantage of the situation. She has transformed a regular park into her very own water park!

The baby elephant delights in playing with the br.oken water pipe!

She began stomping through the rushing water with the agility of a child splashing in a puddle in rainbow boots. She runs back and forth to it, her trunk swaying. She even tried standing on top of it to try to stop the water!

The baby elephant looks just like a human child having fun in the fountain!

Watch the video bellow:

She began running and sharing her joy with her family after playing for a long time; it’s truly happy for every child!

Aside from providing animal care and veterinary care for its animal residents, the organization is also involved in rainforest restoration by planting new trees and vegetation. You can also come here to visit and even volunteer!

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet and even befriend these adorable animals here!


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