A Weasel which was takiпg a Magical ride oп the Woodpecker’s back!


It’s like a fantasy book story of a weasel warrior on a bird 💚

The Woodpecker does seem a little concerned!
A really stunning sight of a little weasel riding on a woodpecker.

Martin Le-May is a photographer from London. He said he was walking through the park at the time when he saw an amazing sight.

A bird carrying a small mammal on its back.

While to most this seemed like an unusual, beautiful sight between two completely different species, this was actually a [st.rug.gle] for survival.

When they fell to the ground, the duo [fo.ug.ht] for their lives for a few moments, after which the woodpecker decided to leave and then climbed to the heights and [disa.ppe.ared].

Hope all involved had a safe landing!!

Hardly a magical ride, pretty sure the weasel was trying to [k.i.l.l] the woodpecker before it took off.

It was a beautiful sweet moment BUT The fact is that weasels often [at.tack] birds and their nests. Martin said the bird had gone to live its life and the hungry weasel got [lo.st] in the big grass.

Animals so unique 💜 Absolutely amazing and very precious 💕

Luckily they were separated when they dropped to the ground, and the woodpecker was able to [es.cape].

Did it end well?


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