A Rare Seal Shows Its Gorgeous Stripes For The First Time!


Never seen a seal like this before 💖 Nature gives us some different animal’s, looks amszing 🤗

God is so creative even in the animal kingdom!
Great spirit keep him safe and let no one [hu.rt] him for his fur. 🙏
Truly amazes how we can see one of nature’s beautiful, yet different creatures, and be so accepting of the beauty of these special souls.

A striped seal was seen on Long Beach this year. It is a peninsula located in Washington. NOAA Fisheries Service are credited with these beautiful recorded moments of seals. They state that this creature was in very good condition.

Never seen a striped seal before he is gorgeous!

She was out for a very short time and then dived back into her world. Their home is in the depths of the sea so it is not possible to see them often.
A man who worked for the USDA Wildlife Service then told LiveScience that she was just squirming, lying down and sleeping, thus cooling down a bit.

She is so very beautiful. ❤️❤️

These animals were found only in the Bering and Sea of Okhotsk, which are located between Alaska and Russia, where they normally live.

Would be great seeing a seal such as this❤

Not much information is known about striped seals because they live indeed in remote areas. It is believed that seals will be seen much more often due to global warming, although we hope they will spend a lot of time living in their beautiful North Pacific by then.

Protect that precious baby before someone decides it would make a great purse.

Our world is [los.ing] everything that has a special meaning to all just so some can have a trophy to brag on.

Beautiful and gorgeous little baby. Hope this baby stays safe from humans ❤🙏🙏

God bless and keep this beautiful Seal…! 🙏🙏🙏


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