‘The inflexible Dads who’ Didn’t want the da.mn Cat in the House


Once a kitten snuggles in on the neck or chest…dad’s turn mushy! Kitties know what works 😻

When a cat loves and wants to be with a person, it says much about the person! 😻

It doesn’t really matter whether you like cats or not, sooner or later cats will get to your heart, and these dads know it all too well.
They ‘didn’t want the da.mn cat’ in the house, but just moments after welcoming the new furry family members, they were completely s.o.ld.
If you are a person who doesn’t like cats…..they will make you love them and they win!!🥰

Just melts your heart ❤️ love kitties

They are a excellent judge of people. If they don’t like some one there’s something wrong with the person!
Real men love cats🐾❤️

Cats have a knack for knowing who doesn’t want them and then winning their hearts over, never separated from their new friend.

❤️There little heart stea.lers 🐾🐾❤️

Always the dads……

Looks like the da.m cat melted his heart 🐾❤️

Devoted converted Cat Dads. 😊😘🙏


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