Cute Baby Fur Seal Crawls Over Ice!


They’re so beautiful and so precious. Nobody should hu.rt them!

Adorable 💕 There needs to be a law to protect them.💕🙏

Fur seal puppies are amongst one of the most lovely animals on earth. They have large shiners, a curly mustache, and also a luxuriant layer of fur. Nevertheless, these animals are truly timid, cautious, and also elusive on camera.
Many specialist nature digital photographers have invested months or years coming close to and photographing these children.

He looks so much like Falcor from Neverending Story in the first picture!

Alexey Trofimov, a photographer from Russia share: I finally broke a cute baby hair seal on his lens after 3 years of attempting to obtain closer to this varieties.

A cute seal pup was creeping on the ice near Lake Baikal in Russia. The delicate creature seemed to be interested concerning the surrounding. Its eyes maintained broad opening when it walked around.
It was a very uncommon and also special moment.

Furry infant seals are the meaning of cute. They need to be safeguarded as well as provided a regular life.

Absolutely beautiful! We love seals 🦭 but to think of what some people do it then it’s ho.rri.fic. All we want is for animals to live happy, healthy lives that’s one of my biggest wishes in this world 🌎

So adorable baby ❤️ Those eyes are so cute! 🥰

Such a precious little baby animal ❤️🥰 Hope he can live with No hun.ters🙏

Looks like a little puppy !!!!!

Hope no one is there to hu.rt this sweet baby!


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