Incredibly Rare Yellow and White Penguin Photographed in Antartica!


This little guy is a serious standout in the crowd.

Is he [bl.ind] or is his pigmentation albino-like?
Lucky person to find this rare penguin and get such a great photo! ❤️🤗🙏

Belgian wildlife photographer Yves Adams told The Guardian that he felt as though his sighting of a rare yellow and white bird was like winning nature’s lottery. His unexpected discovery in Antarctica in late February created quite a buzz among nature experts worldwide.

Adams and his team were on a two-month expedition to the South Georgia peninsula and the South Sandwich Islands in the Atlantic Ocean when they tried to land their fleet of rubber boats. Wicked waves and high winds limited their options to a one-kilometer strip overloaded with thousands of seals, and hundreds of thousands of penguins, so we were lucky to find a spot on land.

Adams was mesmerized by a group of King penguins swimming by from left to right. But, suddenly noticing something yellow in the corner of his eye, he focused his binoculars to see among the chaos of animals, a strange pale penguin. He and his colleagues weren’t certain of its breed, so they watched it for a while as Adams snapped away.

Hopefully his coloring will not be his [downfall].

Adams said: The yellow penguin swam to shore just in front of us. It gave a little show—flicked water off its feathers, walked up the sand, and entered a colony of King penguins.

He is a fully grown adult bird and has obviously been accepted by the rest of the flock🐧🐧🐧

Maybe he is a sign of things to come. Hope it stays safe and healthy! 🙏🙏🙏


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