The Dog who took a bu.llet to Protect his Owner and Ended up homeless, has a second chance!


How someone can a.ban.don a dog who saved their life… 🥺 on the owner, if my dog can’t go then I don’t go. Especially one that had saved my life. I’m sure he now has a much nicer owner ❤️

When his owner had to move and was unable to take Kiko with him, Kiko, who is now 14 years old, took a [bu.llet] for him during a home [inva.sion] in 2012. Soon after, Kiko was le.ft homeless. Kiko was adopted by the New York City-based rescue group Mighty Mutts in 2014, and since then, they have been working nonstop to find him the ideal home.

Jill Haynes of Mighty Mutts share: We’ve all been very involved with Kiko for the past year and a half; it’s so exciting to see him find his home.” Due to his age and hearing impairment, Kiko requires a very special type of housing.

A couple who was certain they would make Kiko’s ideal family got in touch with Mighty Mutts to inquire about him. The couple arrived to pick up Kiko and finally take him to his anticipated home on Thursday evening. Kiko obviously seems overjoyed.

Kiko’s foster mother Casey Ryan was a true hero to him while he was waiting to find his forever home. Mighty Mutts relies on foster families to care for rescued dogs.
He’s a great, older, hero dog and he deserves a forever home where he will be pampered and loved unconditionally.

In order to care for their devoted dogs while they wait to find their forever homes, Mighty Mutts is constantly looking for foster homes in New York City.

Glad he has a family to watch over and protect him now ❤️

Thank you for being so caring and kind hearted. ❤️

Mother Nature has a way to place these animals in a safe environment where they deserve protection. Love & prayers. 🙏🏻

Blessings to the kind soul for giving him a second chance 🙏🏻🙏🏻


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