Woman hears crying outside her home – discovers a stray dog keeping a newborn baby warm


This sweet mama dog acted on her maternal instincts to protect an abandoned newborn baby.

Some of the best stories out there in the world are those of dog rescues. Whether it’s a story of how they walked tirelessly through the wilderness to protect a small, wandering child or sacrificing themselves for others, there is no question that dogs are some of the most incredible creatures on the planet. This is one such story about a precious stray dog named Way who went out of her way to protect an abandoned baby.

The stray dog is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but even though she has had a tough life on the streets, Way still has one of the tenderest of hearts.
Being that Way is a stray dog, She had given birth to a large litter of puppies, and coming up with a way to feed them and keep them warm was going to be pretty difficult. The po_or girl struggled to survive most days herself, let alone having to care for her newborn pups.

In order to feed her litter of puppies, Way would have to comb through the city streets searching high and low for any food scraps to feed her pups. The fact that it was in the middle of July, Buenos Aires’ winter season, was only going to make things that much more difficult. She would have to find food and get back to her puppies fast before temperatures started dropping.

While Way was searching the streets for food, she came across a sh.oc_ki.ng, hea.rt_wr.en_ch.ing scene; an a.ban.do.ned newborn baby.
On the instant, the stray dog’s maternal instincts kicked into high gear as she sprung into action to save the a.ban_do.ned child. Way ran straight to her litter of warm-bodied pups, and one by one she brought each back to the alley where she found the child. She placed them ever so meticulously around the newborn baby, spreading out their available warmth. Once she had set the last of her puppies down, the sweet mama dog curled her entire body around the cuddle-puddle she had created of the newborn baby and her pups.

Way, the stray dog with a heart of gold, kept herself wrapped around her pups and the baby through the frigid 37-degree night.

Griffin walked out to find a c.o.ld, h.un_g.ry stray dog wrapping herself tightly around a newborn baby beneath a blanket of puppies. Way was caring for the tiny human as if she were one of her pups.

According to the Province of Buenos Aires Chief of Police, Daniel Salcedo, the stray dog is a true hero!

She took it like a puppy and rescued it.
With all of the things that could have happened to a newborn a.ban_do.ned in the city streets in winter, there is no question that Way had saved his life.

Way is a stray dog that many mothers could stand to learn a thing or two from.
Her selflessness and maternal instinct have made her a true hero. We’re sure that baby Santino will always be grateful.

This mama is better than some human ones are.

What a beautiful, sweet, loving dog! Pray you now have a loving home!


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