Unique chocolate-brown Siberian Husky may just be the most gorgeous dog on Instagram


Just look at those eyes though! First time seeing one he’s beautiful but to me all dogs are beautiful in their own way❤️

SeQuoi Tenk is the name of this beautiful chocolate-brown Siberian Husky. His friends call him Quoi for short. If you ever saw him in the wild, you might think he was a wolf with striking brown fur and piercing blue eyes.

He is all Siberian Husky, however, and photos of him are breaking the Internet.

While Quoi isn’t a wolf, he leads a nomadic lifestyle that is pretty similar to one. Quoi is currently accompanying his human mother, Nikki, as they travel across the United States in search of a new job for mommy.

Nikki has been documenting the pair’s adventures on Instagram.

The name SeQuoi Tenk might seem unusual, but Nikki spoke with My Modern Met and explained the meaning behind it.
His first name SeQuoi, is after a sequoia tree: Nikki said. They say a name can really shape a personality, and I wanted him to be big, tall, and strong like a sequoia tree is. She said: I wanted him to be strong, I also wanted him to be sweet, which he totally is!

An all-brown Siberian Husky is pretty rare.
Quoi’s fur is completely chocolate brown aside from a white puff on his chest. His unique appearance earns the pair plenty of attention.

Nikki sounds like a great Husky mom who really cares for her companion. Quoi was just a puppy when she adopted him. Nikki had been in contact with an animal sanctuary about adopting an older dog, who are often less likely to be adopted, but the lack of a permanent home prevented her from doing so.

She ended up adopting Quoi however, and is thrilled with how things ended up.

Even just a quick glance on Quoi’s Instagram page reveals a dog leading a truly wonderful life full of adventure. Quoi may never fully realize how lucky he is to have found such a unique forever-home.

It’s a forever-home that keeps changing locations but is always home nonetheless.

Quoi’s life seems to be filled with play and we couldn’t be happier for him.

That’s the most beautiful Husky I’ve ever seen and those eyes are absolutely gorgeous 🥰


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