Two Massive Sea Lions ‘Sailing’ Someone’s Boat…


Would have been interesting to see how such massive animals managed to get onboard.

Animals can be playful and mischievous. They may cause [tr.ouble] or commit petty [cri.mes] without realizing it. They just focus on enjoying the journey.
We humans, can’t stay mad at these giants. They seem to be living with an innocent puppy soul.

Two massive sea lions in this story decided to borrow someone’s boat and sail it on their own. The hilarious thing was the tiny boat that looked like it was gonna sink any second.

Joshua Phillips snapped those hilarious moments in Eld Inlet near Olympia in Washington. He was enjoying a boat ride when he spotted two gigantic [pe.rpetrators] on another boat.

There was still unknown of the owner of the boat that two sea lions [bo.rrowed]. We also did not know how long these two majestic animals enjoy their journey.

Maybe if we weren’t [de.stroying] their habitats they would be needing to [borrow] ours!

They were probably thinking it was a fishing boat to tried to sink it to save their mates 😂

And How do you explain that one to the insurance company? 😂😂😂

H/t: Bored Panda


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