Tuxedo Cat Loves To Take Her Toys On Adventures

Meet Pixie, a beautiful Tuxedo cat that lives with her human, Beth, in the UK. 


She loves going out and exploring everything around her. She also loves her plush toys and inanimate birds and it would seem that she wants to share her little adventures with her toys too!


Luckily for us, Beth has managed to take some quick snaps of her precious senior kitty in action. She really does love all her toys but whenever she spots Beth watching her she quickly drops them to the ground. But as you will see, Beth often manages to take a pic before Pixie notices her. Once a week when the house cleaner comes, Pixie shows just how conscientious she is with her stuffed menagerie, she actually puts them all back in their box! Pixie’s adventures aren’t just fun and games, they have a positive impact on the people around her. She’s totally changed her human’s life for the better.

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