Tr.agedy st.rikes the Trophy hunter, in one of his into the wild trips.


Did this hunter deserve what happened to him?🥺🥺

All animal lovers are [op.posed] to trophy hunting. It can be hard to believe that there are people who enjoy [kil.ling] [] animals like lions and rhinos. But despite [cont.roversy] and [pus.hback] from conservation groups this kind of hunting remains legal in many places.

But sometimes the animal kingdom has its own sense of justice… and one hunter came to a [de.mise] that could be described as [ka.rma].


Scott Van Zyl was a prolific trophy hunter from South Africa. In addition to being a hunter himself, Van Zyl operated a [safari] company where he would take clients on big game hunts as well. [Tr.agedy] st.rikes the Trophy hunter, in one of his into the wild trips. Van Zyl headed out on one of his hunting trip in Zimbabwe… only this time, he didn’t return.
The hunter are thought to have been [ea.ten] by a [cr.ocodile] after human remains have been found inside two animals.
He went off on his own in search of [cr.ocodiles], and was believed to be [mi.ssing] when his tracker dogs returned without him.

It is believed Mr van Zyl and his tracker left their truck and walked in different directions into the bush. The dogs later returned to the camp without Mr van Zyl, whose belongings were found inside the vehicle. Rescue teams were sent to search for the hunter and helicopters, trackers and divers all scoured the region.

They found his footprints and bag near the river bank. Local authorities investigated the [cr.ocodiles]… and found human [re.mains] that a [DNA] confirmed belonged to Van Zyl.

After the story [br.oke], many people wrote that he had it coming: that it was [ka.rma] for [kil.ling] so many animals.

May his soul [ in peace] , and others see as a lesson that no one should [] with the wild out there.

What do you think of this story? Did this hunter deserve what happened to him?


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