Tired Dog Sees Cow Taking A Nap And Decides To Curl Up On Its Back…


There was a dog, sound asleep, cuddled up on the cow’s back!

As sweet as this picture is.. That is either one ginormous cow, or one tiny dog. Maybe a wee puppy?? 😍😘

Dogs love their sleep, and it seems like they can curl up for a nap anywhere they like.

They’re adorable snoozers but one sleepy dog has been warming hearts all over the internet after passing out in the cutest, most unexpected place.

A man named Sarthak Gambhir, from India, was leaving his house when he spotted a cow that caught his attention . The cow itself wasn’t unusual they’re a common animal in his neighborhood but rather what was on the cow’s back.

A dog, sound asleep, cuddled up on the cow’s back… It’s as if he just decided the cow would be a warm place to curl up and decided to make him his cuddle buddy. “that cow does look pretty cozy”.

And the cow doesn’t seem to mind he’s just sitting on the ground, not wanting to disturb his new pal’s sleep. It’s a beautiful example of two different species working together.

cow and dog

It’s not clear how well the animals know each other, whether this is a one-time thing or a regular arrangement, but it took Sarthak by surprise.

Sarthak had to go on his way, but not before taking a few precious photos of the pair… which went viral after he posted them to the Facebook….

dog and cow

We hope that dog had a very nice nap with his very patient new friend!

This is great. So much love from and with animals. Most of all I wish I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime I was sleepy. Animals are so sensitive and trusting when they find a cooperative and loving heart.💕💕💕

Source: The Dodo


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