This Dog Saw An Open Gate As A Chance To Give His Friend A Hug


Sometimes we all need a hug, including this dog.

Dogs can feel fear, sadness, happiness, and even grief. It sounds obvious, but it tends to slip our minds now and then.

Some of the things we would go out of our way to do for humans don’t even cross our minds when we are dealing with our dogs.

Messy and his human, Oranit Kittragul, live in Thailand. In the same neighborhood just across the street lives Audi, a Husky who is alone most of the day while his human is at work.
Being alone makes Audi a little sad and anxious, and whenever he feels that his friend feels a little too alone, Messy barks at him and that somehow calms Audi.

One day as Audi’s owner was leaving for work, he forgot to lock his gate. The dog took the opportunity to visit his friend. He ran over to Messy’s house and said hello.

Oranit saw the two greet and hug each other, and took a photo of that adorable moment to share it online.
This was their first time seeing each other, face to face, but their bond was as strong as they had been friends for a lifetime.
Audi is a good boy, though, and knew he wasn’t supposed to stay out of his yard for too long, and that’s why after saying hi to his friend, e quickly ran back home.

Hopefully, now that it’s obvious how much the two dogs care about each other, they’ll have more chances to hang out. Maybe they’ll even get to start spending those long weekdays together instead of just barking to each other from afar.

Dogs can get lonely and bored, just like the rest of us. Here are a few things that may be worth trying if you have a dog who spends their afternoons barking up a storm:

Make it easy for them to see the outside world: Being able to see birds fly by, see squirrels run across a yard, or see anything move is more stimulating than sitting inside and waiting for someone to come home.

Leave their favorite toys out: Another great pastime for our furry friends is playing with toys – the more, the better. When dogs are feeling lonely, they tend to take it out on furniture by chewing on it or ripping it apart. We can all agree that we’d rather they chewed on their toys than the sofa.

Drop by during a break: Depending on how close your home is to your workplace, consider paying your dog a surprise visit. Even ten minutes of playtime is enough to improve their mood. Research shows that it’s good for us too. Those ten minutes can help to decrease your stress and blood pressure.

Don’t forget the morning run: The idea here is to help them burn a lot of energy before you leave for the day. This way, they can spend the afternoons doing what we would all rather be doing – relaxing.


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