Thieves try to steal horses for meat, not anticipating two Rottweilers would foil their plan


These Rotties weren’t letting anything happen to their horse friends on their watch.

Several horses are resting easy, munching away on the grass of their owner’s field as any other day, all thanks to two protective Rottweilers.

Earlier this month, a Florida woman named Brena Kramer had a rude awakening in the wee hours of a Sunday morning. She woke to the jarring sound of her rottweilers barking and snarling fiercely and ran out to the barn where the commotion was coming from.

She was shocked to find that someone had made a bold attempt at stealing her horses so, Brena believes, they could slaughter them for their meat.

Brena lives in the remote reaches of Zephyrhills in Pasco County. She believes it’s her quiet location that caused her horses to be targeted by three would-be slaughterers. The intruders broke their way into the barn through a low side-gate.

When Brena ran to find out why her Rottweilers were barking, she found the power supply to the horse barn had also been cut off.

One of her horses still had a rope left tied around its neck, indicating that the Rottweilers had foiled the attackers right in the middle of their job. As Brena continued to examine the horses, she found signs of struggle including small cuts and abrasions, and even rope burn on their beautiful faces where they had pulled against the intruders.

If it hadn’t been for Brena’s protective Rottweilers patrolling the property and fighting off the horse thieves, there’s no doubt this story would have a much more tragic ending.

The Rottweilers didn’t make it out of their scuffle totally unscathed, either.

Brena’s 3-year-old Rottie, Dallas, was found to have what looks like two puncture wounds just above his left eye. Wounds that his mom believes he sustained while fighting off the intruders.

With a wave of relatively high-profile horse slaughters hitting Florida in several counties over the past few months, Brena is counting her blessings.

Horse meat, unfortunately, can fetch a pretty hefty price in the black market, which police believe is the motive behind the attacks.

While Brena was blessed to have her trusted Rottweilers there to fend the intruders off, there are others who haven’t been so fortunate.

Brena’s horses are safe thanks to her wonderful Rottweilers. With all of the bad news for equine lovers lately, that is something to celebrate!

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