Stray Cat Tries To Revive Dead Friend And Drags Lifeless Body To A Shelter For Help


Anyone who says animals don’t have feelings is wrong.

The devotion of this poor stray cat is hear.t_b.r.e.a_king on so many levels. Anybody who questions a cat’s loyalty must see this.

While we hear moving stories about dogs’ loyalty, the loyalty of cats is barely ever acknowledged. In a recent viral video from the Songbei district in North China, we see a g.r.i.e.ving cat who is still on to the body of her d.e.a.d friend.

As per onlookers’ accounts, the white-and-orange cat stood over her friend’s lifeless body and tried to revive her. In, the cat held the limp body in her mouth and started dragging her to a nearby shelter to get help.

In this video, we see the cat struggle to get her dead friend to the shelter. She is visibly exhausted as she tries to tow the “de_ad bo_dy” through the under space of cars. She doesn’t leave the body alone even for a second and keeps inching forward with much difficulty.

While nobody has any idea about the reason for the other cat’s d.ea_t.h, this devoted cat’s single-minded devotion tugs at our hearts. It is clear that the cat isn’t ready to let her friend go just yet. We sincerely hope that this mourning cat finds the strength to d.e_a.l with her l.o_s.s.

Even animal have more empathy than some humans!

Watch this loyal stray cat’s dedication towards getting help for her unresponsive friend:


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