Stray Cat Brings Her Kittens to the Human That Helped Her


This is the story of a fluffy cat that appeared in Lisianne’s garden one day. She thought the kitty looked lonely and hungry, so she put out some water and food…

One day a fluffy cat appeared in Lisianne’s garden in Canada.
This was the start of their friendship, Lisianne was becoming rather fond of the cat so named her Usagi. She continued caring for Usagi every time she appeared in her garden and this routine gave the kitty confidence to come back often for food and affection.


After a while she noticed that Usagi was getting bigger, of course it wasn’t because of the food, her feline friend was pregnant.

Usagi had found another place to give birth to her kittens but continued to visit Lisianne’s for food and to say hello, but it wasn’t long before she appeared one day on Lisianne’s porch with one of her tiny kittens. Then another, until all six kittens were there, she had decided that Lisianne’s was a safe place to bring her family.


Lisianne, being an absolute angel, decided to help out this family further by making space in one of the rooms in her house and later on reached out to her friends at Chatons Orphelins Montréal for some help.

Taylor, Tynie, and Tyana.


Tales and Tito.


All of the other kittens have recovered and are doing well, they will soon be put up for adoption thanks to kindness of this caring lady.


All rescued…! How sweet…! They are so beautiful…!❤️💕😍💕❤️


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