S.i.c.k Puppies Meet In Shelter, Give Each Other Comfort


A rescue group has them and getting vet care. Also looking for a foster. They knew they were in a bad place.

Two puppies found warmth and comfort in a place that was anything but and that sweet moment saved their lives.

Jeremiah and Neal arrived at the Texas high-kill shelter as strays. They were picked up separately, and both were all alone in the world.

That’s when Jeremiah crawled over to Neal and lay on top of him. Seeing the two puppies in such distress, the shelter reached out to Stacey Silverstein, the founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

When she saw them, she couldn’t say NO.

Jeremiah sought comfort, and Neal was accepting of it, Stacey Silverstein, founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC:They knew they were in danger.

If Silverstein had not intervened, the fate of the two puppies would likely have been they would have d.i.e.d. It’s the sad reality of high-kill shelters that many dogs that are s.i.c.k or in.ju.re.d, pregnant or perfectly healthy will end u.p e.u.t.h.a.n.i.z.e.d.

They are now getting medical treatment and fostered after if they aren’t adopted right away.

They’re amazing little dogs: Silverstein said. Hopefully they will recover quickly, so they can come here to New York to be adopted into perfect homes.

They are very young & they deserve to live like dogs, happy & loved dogs.


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