Service dog got his owner through grad school, so the university gave him his own degree


Great job, Griffin! 😍 Thank you for your service πŸ‘

Service dogs can be invaluable companions to people who need them. Not only can they provide medical and emotional help, they also just make great, loyal pets, by your side when you need them most.
So after one loyal service dog stayed by his human’s side throughout grad school, the university decided he was worthy of a major honor.

One student’s story of her graduation has gone viral.

In the story, a golden retriever named Griffin is the service dog of 25-year-old Brittany Hawley. Hawley has used a wheelchair since she learned that she has [reflex sympathetic dy.strophy sy.ndr.ome] as a teenager. While she earned her master’s degree, her dog graduated from the university as well!

When Hawley was set to graduate from her degree in 2018, she figured that without the help of Griffin, she wouldn’t have been able to finish her master’s degree. So it was only fitting, she thought, that Griffin would be honored for his help too.

After reaching out to her university, they not only decided to award Griffin an honorary degree but they made him part of the ceremony too! Needless to say, Griffin’s inclusion in the ceremony delighted everyone there.

Hawley received her master’s degree from New York state’s Clarkson University in occupational therapy. At the graduation ceremony, both Hawley and Griffin received their diplomas. This boy was even honored with a speech.
Griffin demonstrated steadfast commitment, extraordinary effort, and diligent dedication to Hawley’s success.

What a fitting honor for this loyal service dog! He definitely earned that degree!

He looks so proud, too! 🐾❀️

What a wonderful story. So good to hear something positive and caring.

It goes to show the remarkable impact service dogs can have.

Lovely & inspiring. Congratulations to both of you. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


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