Pregnant Dog Saved From Gas Station Bathroom, Entire Litter, Diagnosed With Can.cer But STILL Finds Love In Orphaned Family Of Kittens


Once her chemo is over, and the vet gives the go ahead, she’ll be trained professionally to be David’s emotional support dog 🥰

It was in July of 2020 when two sweet dogs were rescued from a gas station in Arizona, near the Mexico border. They had taken up residence likely for the measly scraps of food customers may provide. But one of the dogs, Georgia, needed much more than food and a home. You see, Georgia was pregnant.

A local rescue, Sunshine Dog Rescue, heard of the homeless animals and had rushed over to help.

They were found LIVING at a rural gas station on the AZ/MX border. Georgia is a smallish shepherd mix and is at the vet this afternoon for a full work up.

The dogs were taken into their foster car and not long after, Georgia went into labor.

But even being rescued from gas station living, sweet Georgia’s suffering was far from over.
On August 13th, she had to be rushed to the vet for an emergency C-section and spay… and within a short time, she l.o.s.t all of her babies.

Georgia was And so were the shelter staff and volunteers. Watching this loving pup that came from the streets lo.sing her litter was heart.brea.king for everyone.

She is looking for her babies and it is heart.brea.king to watch. We did discover during the surgery that her uterus had some so we sent in a biopsy to see what may be going on.

Anita Osa, founder of the shelter, said that Georgia was h.eart.b.r.o_ken and s.a.d after the l.o.s.s of all her babies.

Thankfully she was in the best care, and the shelter had the perfect idea to help her shower her motherly instincts on deserving new lives.

So she was introduced to three orphaned kittens that had l.o.s.t their mother during birth. It’s not something that always works, but when it does, you’re witnessing a miracle. Anita brought one of the kittens to the gri.e.ving mama, and she carefully inspected them.

The test results from Georgia’s biopsy came back and she was diagnosed with, luckily treatable, cancer.
She would undergo treatment as soon as the kittens were old enough to be weaned.

The mixed family was finally able to focus on simply living each day together. And over the next months, thrived in foster care together.

Georgia was saved from the gas station so that she could find a home… and with her loving nature, she was quickly adopted.
Not only was Georgia (now Milo) welcomed into her new family, one of her kittens was adopted with her too! Cousins Torah David Jacobs and Courtney Amber of Arizona, now happily share their home with the adorable family.

The kittens may help with her grief from her babies!

We are happy she got to be a Mum to babies after losing her own and how great that she was adopted with one of her kids!!!🐾🐾💗🥰

Watch the heartwarming surprise in the video below:


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