People Keep Dumping Dogs Near His House, So He Builds Them A Special Doggie Train


Several shady owners make discreet visits to dump their unwanted dogs near his house. So the 86-year-old man has transformed his 13-acre home into a sanctuary for these “” and “” dogs.

That is: 86-year-old Eugene Bostick lives in the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas. Over the years, these dogs became his family, and one of the main reasons for his retirement being happy!

Eugene would always think of unique ways to keep his dogs happy, and that’s how he stumbled upon the quirky idea of a doggie train! Being a skilled welder, he punched holes in plastic barrels, fixed wheels on them and attached them together like makeshift cargos. He then hooked them up to a mini tractor and fashioned an exquisite ride for his precious doggie family!

This cool train has become an instant hit with Eugene’s dogs.
They turn into tail-wagging, starry-eyed little babies while Eugene drives them through the woods and the empty neighborhood lanes.
They sniff the air and feel the sun with the biggest smiles as they watch the world around them pass by!

Eugene feels that rescuing these dogs gives him the purpose to carry on happily in the sunset years of his life.
Eugene not only opens his home and heart to them, but also adds another barrel to the train to make sure there’s enough room for everyone!

That’s a beautiful thing this man did, if he lived by me I would be volunteering & helping him.

It’s damn sad that people think that it’s okay to dump their animals…how about we dump them when they are no longer wanted. Our dogs are both rescues we just had to put our oldest one to sleep…broke our hearts…our animals love us unconditionally…please treat them the same.

Watch the heartwarming surprise in the video below:


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