Multiple Dogs Rescued From D.e.adly Pileup In Fort Worth, Texas


First responders found more than one dog in this tra.gic pileup.

Since many of us rely on cars for daily transportation, it’s easy to forget that driving always poses a po.t.ential Cars are heavy machinery, and can happen to anyone.
Fortunately, fire departments and emergency crews are prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives in the event of a

On the morning of February 11th, 2021, a major pileup occurred outside of Fort Worth Texas. Close to 100 vehicles were involved in the c_rash, resulting in wreckage nearly a mile-long. Freezing rain made the southbound lanes of the highway slick and icy, making it extremely difficult for the vehicles involved to stop in time.

Medics and firefighters went from vehicle to vehicle, Several ended up trapped inside their cars and needed to be extricated.

An incredible eyewitness video shows a firefighter retrieving a black dog from a truck wedged between two other vehicles. The Fire Department also shared a photo of crews holding a brown and white dog who appeared uninjured.

As is protocol, the rescue crews brought the dog to a nearby shelter. Fortunately, that dog was soon reunited with a family member. A veterinarian on site assessed him and found no injuries. This pup and at least one other are lucky to have come out of such a ho.rri.ble c_rash and thank goodness for the emergency crews committed to saving them.

One extra concern for dogs involved in car c_ras.hes is the possibility of them running away. Fri.ght.en.ed and confused dogs emerging from have a programmed fear to run. If, this move can end up causing them more h.a.rm than good. That’s especially true in cases like this one, where hypothermia was also a concern.

Since dogs can’t understand car and how to sur_vive one, it’s great that first responders are there to help them out too. This story is still developing, and hopefully the sur_vivors continue on the mend.

Thank you for helping these poor pets! God bless the responders who helped these pets 🐶❤️

Watch the great video below:


God Bless them all. Prayers for everyone. 💔💔❤❤


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