Man Puts His Car Up For Sa.le To Save His Dog’s Life


You can always replace your car but you will never be able to replace the life of a family member…

This is the actions of a pet owner who truly considers their pet family, they will do everything without a limit or boundary.

Randy Etter realized that his dog Gemini had some health problems when the pup became let.har.gic. The man was so for his pets life that immediately rushed him to a vet, but the case of Gemini was proving to be hard for diagnosis.

Man Puts His Car Up For Sale To Save His Dog's Life

The vet was unable to identify what was wrong with the dog but the man re.fused to up. He loved this dog more than anything, so he started visiting different vets, lo.sing his job in the process.
Even after visiting several different vets no one seemed to know what was with the dog.

Randy Etter said: It just seemed like I wasn’t gonna get anywhere or get him the help he needed in time. It was truly one of the sc.ari.est things I had to with.

Man gets donations after putting car up for sale to pay for dog's surgery

Finally after a long time the cause of the and that the dog was feeling came to life: a small object was lodged in Geminis intestines. That piece now was creating a blo.ckage and the dog was in need of sur.gery.
The intervention cost was 4,500 dollars a higher price than what Etter had on his bank account currently.

The man didn’t up so he shared a heartfelt post on Facebook explaining the situation and put his car for sa.le. And something ama.zing happened after his emotional post and he didn’t have to sell his car at all.

Firstly the man’s friends wanted to give him a helping hand and offered to him 2000$, after the S.O.A.R Initiative helped to raise 3000$ needed for the su.rgery.

The dog su.rgery went well and he soon was back to his home and his dad that loved him deeply.

Thanks to everyone’s kindness.
We are so glad that this story had a happy ending!
Thanks to the owner who reminded us what true love means.
He is a super good guy…!

Per curare il cane mette in vendita la sua automobile

If we had a car business, we would give this guy a car of his choice, 🐶dogs are priceless, and this guy loves his dog…!❤️💙💜💕

God bless him, And hope everything goes well always for them both…🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️🦮


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